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Dual Energy Electric Heating System

An Easy Conversion to Clean, Convenient and Affordable Electric Heat

Thermolec electric plenum heaters are the best way to convert your new or existing fossil fuel furnace to a safe and convenient dual energy electric heating system. Duel fuel heating systems allow you to heat your home with electricity at low-cost off-peak rates. Electricity will be your primary source of heat, but will automatically switch to fossil fuel backup heating to meet comfort requirements.

Thermolec Electric Plemun Heaters Offer You...

Low operating cost
100% efficiency
Clean operation
Safe performance
Unsurpassed comfort
No odors, fumes or carbon monoxide

electric plenum heaters


electric plenum heaters


Thermolec modulating boilers are designed to be quickly and easily installed on a wall, requiring very little space. They offer a safe, reliable operation. Two versions are available:

-Electric boilers for new construction or as a retrofit installation
-Dual-energy boilers for applications where the system alternates between electric heat and oil, natural gas or propane.

electric boiler


electric boiler