Floor Heating Systems - Potable PEX Pipe

Heatlink - Potable Water PEX Pipe

Floor Heating Systems

  • Nontoxic - free of harmful lead
  • Flexible - bends easily making installations quicker
  • Resists corrosive water and scaling
  • Fewer fittings
  • Quiet - no water hammer noise
  • Equalized pressure drops, minimize hot or cold surges
  • Installs with crimp tools and test gauges
  • Can easily be repaired if pipe is kinked
  • Durable/long life
  • 25 year limited warranty
  • Labor costs reduced by up to 40%
  • Light weight
  • Approved for continuous recirculation of hot water

Home Run Piping Method with a Remote Header

  • Remote headers can be fully accessible
  • Requires less than half of the connections compared to the branch method
  • Tremendous saving of blue and red PEX pipe compared to conventional branch method
  • Mechanical room and basement have much less 1/2" pipe creating cleaner ceilings
  • Optional recirculation of hot water to remote (2nd floor header)

Floor Heating Systems