Gas & Oil-Fired Water Boilers by Weil McLain

Weil McLain

oil-fired water boilerWGO Gold

  • Dedicated water-only boiler
    - No tankless heater or cover plate to leak
  • High efficiency
    - Save fuel with 85% & higher AFUE
  • Convertible flue (rear/top)
    - Easy switch from rear to top flue
  • Swing-away burner door
    - Easy to open or remove: full access to chamber
  • Easy inspection & cleaning
    - Quick-open cover: top cleaning full width
  • Factory-wired circulator
    - Circulator harness wired: circulator ships loose
  • Service switch
    - Easy power disconnect for servicing boiler
  • Recessed target wall
    - Design protects target wall from flue brush
  • Captured seal nipple port design
    - Grooves protect seals from contaminants
  • Burner shipped separately

  • - ...for maximum flexibility

oil-fired water boilerULTRA Condensing High Efficiency Gas Boiler

Ultra - Innovative
    - Innovative combination of appearance, intelligence and technology
Ultra - High Efficiency
    - Over 92% AFUE and up to 98% for low temperature applications
Ultra - Attractive
    - The Ultra boiler features a new attractive design for installation in any setting.
Ultra - Intelligent
    - Features PhD Technology - an intelligent system that delivers Precision Hydronic heating and hot water needs while maximizing efficiency by measuring and responding to the Data parameters of your heating system.

Ultra - High Technology
    - Cast mono block aluminum heat exchanger. Gas valve, blower and venturi technology that constantly maintains optimal air and fuel ratio at all firing rates.



gas-fired water boiler

GV Series 4
GAS BOILER with Direct Vent

Water Net Ratings:
53,000 to 133,000 Btu/Hr.

gas-fired water boiler

GAS BOILER with Direct Vent(Sealed Combustion)

Water Net Ratings:
50,000 to 122,000 Btu/Hr.

gas-fired water boiler

CGi Series 2
GAS BOILER for Direct Exhaust

Water Net Ratings:
37,000 to 169,000 Btu/Hr.

gas-fired water boiler

GAS BOILER for Natural Draft Venting

Water Net Ratings:
50,000 to 122,000 Btu/Hr.